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The Nunnery - Meet the Ladies of the Convent

Select a Nun here to be taken to a larger version or scan down this page to see and purchase larger versions of all of the Sisterhood.

I Am Canadi-nun Sister Joan of Art Mother Souperior Nun The Wiser Nuns 'N' Roses Nuns of Steel Sister Curlotta Sister Eileen Gloria in Excelcis Deo Sister Holy Mackerel Sister Holy Roller Sister Holyn One Sister Immaculata Sister Maria Lemieux
Mary Christmas Sister Mary Discipline Sister Mary Kay Sister Mary Sunshine Sister Virginia Creeper Sister Sunday Morning Fever The Nun from Nunavut The Pointer Sister Mother of Purl Sister Delta Hand Sisterella Nun Grater Sister Brigette Bardough Sister B.Attitude
Nun the Less The Nun of Your Business Sister Mary Tailor Moore Sister Meddie Kate
Sister Selma Holmes Sister Ivana Wynne  

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I Am Canadi-nun

This Sister is proud of her heritage. A great gift or souvenir of Canada... EH!

  Sister Joan of Art

A Sister with an artist's soul. With her palette of colours she sees a world beyond just black and white!

  Mother Souperior

She loves to spend time in the kitchen. She carries her soup spoon and list of favourite recipes.

  Nun The Wiser

Pursues an education of any description. She's learned that studying beats the convent chores! 

$25.     $25.    $25.    $25. 
Nuns 'N' Roses

For music lovers. ROCK ON Sister!

  Nuns of Steel

The athletic Nun. She works out with her hand weights and would love to be the personal trainer in your gym.

  Sister Curlotta

Performs the ultimate 'extreme makeover' using her skills as a stylist. She carries a few of the tools of her trade. (colours may vary)

  Sister Eileen

The 'Off Centre' Nun. She carries a mini level. Perhaps you know such a zany character in your life.

$25.     $25.     $25.     $25.  
Sister Gloria in Excelsis Deo

Needs to associate with choir members everywhere. Loves music, the microphone and just can't avoid the spotlight!

  Sister Holy Mackerel

The fishing Nun. She loves to spend time on the river, praying for fish to bite.

  Sister Holy Roller

The gambling Nun. When she's not running Bingos, she's trying her luck.

  Sister Holyn One

The golfing Nun, complete with club and tee!

$25.     $25.     $25.     $25.  
Sister Immaculata

The cleaning Nun! She can mop, dust, clean, and shine with the best of them!

  Sister Maria Lemieux

The hockey playing Nun. She shoots...She scores!

  Sister Mary Christmas

Loves to "deck the halls" for the holidays. Makes a unique decoration herself!

  Sister Mary Discipline

...Need we say more?!

$25.     $25.     $25.     $25.  
Sister Mary Kay

The 'Pretty Nun'. This sister is a little more 'high maintenance' and it shows!

  Sister Mary Sunshine

The vacationing Nun. Complete with sunhat, towel, and shades!

  Sister Virginia Creeper

Is in charge of the convent gardens. Loves to be outdoors, tending to the flowers, shrubs and vines! 

  Sunday Morning Fever

Can't go out on Saturday night, so she "grooves" at church on Sunday morning!

$25.     $25.    $25.    $25. 
The Nun from Nunavut

Complete with her brightly coloured scarf and hand warmer. A little cold weather doesn't scare this sister!

  The Pointer Sister

The no nonsense teaching Nun with her pointer poised for action!

  Reverend Mother of Purl

Loves to knit. She carries a project in progress, and loves to shower others with hand-made gifts!

  Sister Delta Hand

... bridge, euchre, poker...

This sister is game for anything

$25.     $25.     $25.     $25. 


The good Sister who has to do all of the work!

  Nun Grater

To congratulate someone for a job well done!

  Sister Brigitte Bardough

Enjoys baking gourmet treats for everyone! Let them eat cake!... and pie!... and cookies!...etc.

   Sister B. Attitude

The spirited sister! Loves to be the life of the party!

$25.     $25.     $25.     $25.  
Sister Ophelia

The registered massage therapist.


  Sister Donatello

The secret keeper, the soul of discretion!

  Sister Esther Jen

The hormonal Nun. Carries her handkerchief and her fan for cooling off!

  Nun the Less

Knows every diet, has every book, and takes what she likes out of each of them! Holy Toledo!

$25.     $25.    $25.    $25. 
The Nun of Your Business

Enjoys displaying your business cards to all of your prospective customers!

  Sister Superannuata

The retiring Nun. Class dismissed!

  Sister Mary Tailor Moore

The sewing Nun. Loves to create new designs, and keeps the other Nuns in stitches!

  Sister Calculata

The number loving Nun!

$25.     $25.    $25.    $25. 
Sister Sue

The “Sister in Law”….will defend you when you break the 
law but not the commandments!


  Queen Mother Superior

The nun of a certain age, enjoying the best time of her 
life…with her other “sisters”!


  Sister Anita Wordsworth

The “Queen of the Tiles”….such a lovely person, but plays a “mean” game of “Scrabble”!

  Sister Rhoda Harley

Loves to don her “riding habit” and hit the open 
road or the launching ramp! Born to be wild!


$25.     $25.     $25.     $25.  
Sister Rita Story

Enjoys good books and lively discussions with her 
other book-reading “sisters”. So many books, so little time!


  Sister Meddie Kate 

The Health Care Professional who would love to 'inject' a little humour

  Sister Selma Holmes

The Realtor that wants to sell you your own little piece of Heaven

  Sister Ivana Wynne

The B-I-N-G-O playing  Sister

$25.     $25.     $25.     $25.  
Gabby of the Abbey   Sister Runnata    
Sister Gabby of the Abbey

The talkative sister. Cellphone in hand, and never at a loss for words!

  Sister Runnata

The baseball playing Sister. She's always willing to take one for the team 

  Nun of the Above

The angelic nun. Her hands are folded in prayer but her face is full of mischief! A special reward for someone who is an angel in her own right.

  Sister Hedda Farr

The travelling Nun enjoys traveling the world over! She is carrying her travelers cheque, and the keys to a few of the cities she has graced with her presence. Getting away from the convent is a hard “habit” to break!

$25.     $25.     $25.     $25.  
Sister Holly Wood

An actress extraordinaire!    She receives scripts for consideration, but has a fondness for acting in only black and white movies. The “drama queen” of the group, just waiting for her big “break”! For other “sisters” who love the stage!

  Sole Sister

The sister who loves shoes…a true “Mother Shoe-perior! This Sister has the habit of searching for just the right footwear for whatever particular ensemble she is sporting! It is amazing how shoes can change the whole look of an outfit!

  Sister Cher Holder

The financial advisor of the convent. She keeps watch on stocks, bonds, and other investments in order to see the portfolio grow to its best advantage. She is hoping (and praying) that the heavens are the limit for any investment she makes for you.

  Sister Filmore

The photographer extraordinaire! She carries her camera to snap up those photos that mark events in our lives. Always ready to capture just the right image for special occasions! A great gift for someone who likes to do the same.

$25.     $25.     $25.     $25.  
Sister Anita Timms

Enjoys her morning cup of coffee, and carries her cup around with her constantly. Here in Canada, we have our special coffee place which refers to this sister’s name, you could substitute any kind of coffee name which would serve as this sister’s last name. (Sister Anita Starbucks? Sister Anita Folgers?) For coffee-loving “sisters”!

  Celebration Sister

The Birthday Nun. Birthdays can be such a 
nasty habit

  Sister Holy Matrimony

The Wedding Planner.

Sister Holy Matrimony obviously is not going to be a bride in a regular wedding…however, she loves to help others plan the wedding of their dreams. From arranging the church, the guest list, flowers, and even the bride’s veil (which she couldn’t resist trying on!),

  More Nunstuff!

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements or click on the picture to see some of our other Nunstuff!

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