Sister Maida Block is the Sister who loves to quilt. She has never met a fat-quarter she didn't like, and has a huge stash of fabrics hiding where the other sisters can't find them....some of the fabrics are even in color! She keeps the convent in stitches with her efforts, and is always looking for new quilting projects! The perfect gift for quilting sisters everywhere!

Sister Maida Block

Sister Paddy O’Lantern

This nun doll Catholic gift, Sister Patty O'Lantern, loves to celebrate
St. Patrick's day all year long! She may or not be Irish, but enjoys
being part of any clan that enjoys Irish music, pubs, etc. On
St. Patrick's day, she may enjoy a drop of green beer, or, if she is
behaving herself, a cup of green tea! Sister Patty O'Lantern would
love to grace the home of any other Irish, or Irish "at heart" "sister".
(She also would not mind being a unique decoration in an pub or

This nun doll Catholic gift item, the “Roamin' Catholic” is the
sister who loves to travel, and prays for every chance to do
so! Packing can be a bit of a chore but she manages to sort
out all of her clothing is a habit to which she has
become accustomed! She carries an assortment of travel
brochures, and her passport. (The image of the passport can
be changed to suit various countries.)

The Roamin' Catholic

“Sister Holly Wood” is an actress extraordinaire. She receives
scripts for consideration, but has a fondness for acting only
black and white movies. The “drama queen” of the group, just
waiting for her big “break”!

Sister Holly Wood

Sister Esther Jen is the hormonal sister, and carries her fan and handkerchief to cope with her hotter moments. Her complexion is particularly flushed….no blusher or bronzer required! A great gift for those sisters of a certain age, or for those certain milestone birthdays…

Sister Esther Jen

Sister Flossie....the dental hygienist....

Sister Flossie has the important job of keeping your teeth in a "state of grace". She has her floss ready to go, and her toothbrush in hand to help complete the job. She would be a great gift for someone who works in a dental office or for someone who is a "flossing" addict!

The “Nun of a Kind” collection!

….celebrating “sisters” everywhere! Totally “nun-denominational”, and based on the concept that we are all “sisters” sharing many “habits”.

To honor your friend/co-worker/family member, simply find the “sister” that best suits the recipient! Many from which to choose, based on occupations, hobbies, interests, sports, etc.

Be sure to read each name that has been carefully chosen for each “sister”…word-play is a big part of this collection!

Many of the “sisters” in this collection were born because a customer requested a special one for a friend, be it their hairstylist, their yoga teacher, someone who enjoys certain games or sports, etc. Special orders are a pleasure. Simply contact “Nun of a Kind” with your request, and your special order can be arranged.