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Nun dolls

from nunofakind.com features handmade, collectible nun dolls. Unique, personalized nun figures
and ornaments. Available as gifts for sisters. Nun greeting cards, too!

Representing ‘Sisters” everywhere...with all kinds of habits!

The "Nun of a Kind" Collection

Inspiration for this collection was the result of meeting many influential Sisters...the piano teacher, the nuns who taught music history and harmony at the local convent, and the nuns who taught in the Catholic schools in the area. Sisters, who have interests, hobbies, and obligations similar to ours, making us true "sisters"...a fact that was learned at an early age during a visit to a convent. The concept of “sisters”, sharing “habits” was born, and after many requests for special “sisters” to celebrate the hobbies, occupations, and accomplishments of life, the “sisterhood” has continued to grow. A wonderful gift for Catholics, and non-Catholics alike!
 *These nun dolls are meant as gifts for all of the "sisters" in your life! Many from which to choose, based on occupations, professions, hobbies, interests, sports, etc.
 * "nun"-denominational!  Although traditionally, one might think these would be gifts for Catholics only, the idea of “Sisterhood” in general makes the “Nun of a Kind” collection suitable for all! …..and now, a new addition of “brothers”, after numerous requests to add these to the collection.
 * Simply find a "sister" which best suits your sister's/friend's/co-worker's interests, hobbies, occupations, etc.
  *A gift to tell someone "You are like a sister to me!" A means to celebrate our shared "habits" and our unique ones!
(important info in the FAQ section involving new additions....)
Many of the "sisters" in this collection were born because a customer requested a special one for a friend, be it their hairstylist, their yoga teacher, someone who enjoys certain games or sports, etc. Special orders are a pleasure. Simply contact "Nun of a Kind" with your request, and your special order can be arranged. 
*To view additional "sisters" and products please click here....many more items listed at this site to make your gift-giving easy for all of your "sisters", and "brothers"!
*custom ornaments, items created for theatre productions! Email to discuss....
Be sure to "check out" the FAQ section for other details!
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personalized collectible Sister
you might just recognize!!

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Nun dolls from Nunofakind.com featuring handmade , collectible nun dolls.
Off-the-shelf or unique, personalized nun doll ornaments available for all occasions. Nun greeting cards , too!